Welcome to the Bournemouth University EEG lab

image1The EEG/ERP laboratory at Bournemouth University has been designed as a purpose-built research centre within the Design, Engineering and Computing Department. EEG recordings enable electrical brain activity to be measured. Using this method allows researchers to investigate the patterns of brain electrical activation triggered in response to experimentally controlled events for example, the presentation of a visual stimulus. EEG can provide researchers with a means to ‘track’ information processing in the brain and to gain an understanding of the complex brain-behaviour interactions that underlie mental events such as sensory perception, attention, adaptation and learning. The EEG lab at Bournemouth university is equipped with a 64 channel Brain Products Acticap system, all our recordings take place in a purpose built sound attenuated booth.

Our lab is always looking for talented and motivated individuals interested in our research and EEG/ERP studies. If you are interested in applying for a research assistant position or you would like to talk about the research we are currently running in the lab then please do get in touch [agosling@bournemouth.ac.uk Dr Angela Gosling]